Blade is an Auckland based visual design agency who strive to think outside the square. We specialise in web design, and enhance corporate identity through design whether it be a company logo, business cards, website design,  e-commerce, branding etc.

  • Logo Design

    A company logo is much more than just a graphic, It is how your company is displayed  and sets you apart in the market place.

  • Graphic Design

    Our graphic design capabilities include logo design, business card design, product design and much more.

  • Website Design

    A company's Online presence is just as important as its  physical presence. Blade helps to enhance a company's corporate identity by providing cutting edge  web services.


Photography allows companys to capture the atmosphere and mood within beautifully crafted imagery. We provide photography services catering for commercial photography, fashion photography, personal photography and more.


something PERSONAL

"From a young age I have had a strong interest in design and photography. This passion evolved into the company that stands today, Blade.


As a current student of Pukekohe High School I may not boast the senior qualifications that others do, but I do believe that I have a keen eye for design, and possess an immense amount of motivation and initiative to achieve the desired result of quality design."